What I know today…

I know who I am. Letitia. The women. Not the frightened little girl who can sometimes overwhelm me with her fear and her scars.

It’s time for me to come out of hiding so you can know me too.

I make no apologies for who I am, I am not a victim but rather a powerful, loving, empathic and unique individual. I don’t believe in trying to fit in or changing who you are to be more acceptable. I don’t believe that your title, job, address, wealth, spirituality, outward appearance makes you successful or demands more respect than those who determine their worth by different factors, all are valid measurements as long as you are being true to who you really are and your values and integrity. The only thing that matters to me is your true essence, the real you, we are all different and that’s okay, its they way it should be, it’s beautiful

So why this blog, why today? Well I have no more excuses; the same guidance keeps coming in so many different forms. To be free, to heal fully, to be at peace, to be joyful and to truly be able to serve I need to let people see the real me. So here we are.

My name is Letitia, it means ‘Joyful’, it’s vibration and meaning are part of who I am, who I want to be and what I want to offer to the world.

I am a healer, reader, guide, teacher, mentor, mother, daughter, wife, friend, all labels really, importantly I am a soul and I am here to be at peace, to be love and loved, to be happy and to share my story with others, my inner light so they can find theirs.

My journey in this lifetime has been long, hard, lonely, magical, blessed and beautiful. I have learnt the true meaning of family, love, wealth and happiness through sometimes painful experiences. Soul lessons I chose to have and for which I am gaining a true appreciation and understanding of, as it is through these lessons and the choices I have made that I can sit here today, strong enough to start telling my story. It is my hope that through my story, that those that I’m here to offer a guiding light and a safe place to heal will find me more easily, and to be truthful, to heal that part of me that is still fighting and trying to control the outcome of what is currently presenting itself in my world.

So, today I share a small part of me, the story will unfold in time, but today I make the first step.

I am Letitia. I am strong, independent, intuitive, kind, compassionate, fun and loving.

I also have an eating disorder.

A sickness that has been with me since childhood, a scared little girl’s response to a home and childhood filled with alcohol, violence, loneliness and feeling so invisible at times I didn’t even know why I was here. A little girl who lost her voice but wanted to be seen, heard, saved.

There’s obviously more to this story but today’s not the day. It’s not a story of bitterness or blame, I hold no anger towards anyone. I also don’t blame anyone for what I have done to my body and soul as the little girl grew to be a troubled teenager, a mixed up young adult, a controlling perfectionist that never gave herself a break until, well quite frankly, she broke. To a beautiful, perfectly imperfect, loving, compassionate, intuitive, determined women in her 40’s that could no longer play the game and re-emerged as her most authentic self. The magical being that she has always been. The one that could see into people’s souls and know who they really were regardless of the outward appearance and words spoken.

Yes, she is a work in progress, yes this disease still impregnates her every day, and yes it hurts as Spirit and her Soul have taken over and made her face the truth.

My relationship with me, my body, with food is still a battle, but I asked for help and the Universe has supported me once again guiding me to the right people and places.

So I have taken back my power and I am winning one day at a time, my heart is winning, my soul is winning, my ego is fearing, but I will not stop and I will not go back, not this time. It’s time to be honest and powerful, it’s time to be me, the true me, all of me, and guess what?

I really like me.

Those who know me, may know some of my story, not everything but some, but for those that don’t, well this is who I am and this is why I can do what I do. I am an intuitive healer, reader, teacher and guide, I am unlimited.

I see the truth in others, their soul’s truth. I am authentic and real, I am perfect in my imperfection and I am here to shine my light and I am here to help others find their light and connect to their soul essence.

It’s time to be the change we want and bring back the magic of who we are.

It’s time to be happy.

And with that thought I leave you to ponder you and your journey as I continue on mine. May my truth bring you comfort, hope, understanding and inspiration.

Love to you all. From my heart to yours. Letitia xxx

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