5 star – Letitia’s reiki healing left me feeling totally reinvigorated, just fantastic! Thanks

Elizabeth Reinoga

5 star – My reiki healing with Letitia was an amazing experience. She provides a calm and tranquil setting. Letitia is very intuitive. Without telling her, she was able to give me lots of insight into what was happening with my mind and body at the time. She gave me lots of pointers in what I needed to focus on to get the most benefit from the healing and to move forward. I left feeling energised, yet relaxed and peaceful. Thank you Tish x.

Theresa Linney

5 star – I have been fortunate enough to have a number of treatments with Letitia including Reiki, Pellowah and Oracle cards and all were delivered with love, focus and real insight, which have all had a positive impact on my life. Letitia has a wonderful gift to share that should be experienced by many. She’s a very special lady!

Michelle Gulia

A reiki healing session with Letitia is a really beautiful experience. I wasn’t sure what to expect so Letitia explained to me what she will be doing. By working on each chakra during the treatment allows for energy to flow without any blockages. Letitia told me which areas I needed to focus on and suggested ways I can do this. I highly recommend a reiki session with Letitia!


I was the lucky recipient of a five card reading from Letitia. It was very relevant to the issues happening in my life and provided insight and guidance on what to do moving forward. Letitia is a very kind and open person with beautiful energy and I would definitely recommend her for a card reading. Whilst I haven’t experienced a healing personally I have no doubt her knowledge, energy and passion for what she does would result in a wonderful experience. Thanks so much for the reading Letitia! I’m very grateful.

Kerrie Bernhard

A wonderful 12 month reading!!!… Both enjoyable…& insightful!… Thankyou for your sage wisdom…and accurate forecast!… Blessings for your future success!!!

Julie-Ann Bennett-Rasho

Was lucky enough to be chosen to have a free 12 month reading! I was very impressed with the professional yet personal presentation and communication and the promptness that it was done. There were pictures of the layout and then a description / analysis of each card. Letitia’s reading was soooo accurate and full of great advice. I would thoroughly recommend her readings!

Karen Donnellan

Thank you so much for my wonderful reading! It all made perfect sense! You are very talented! xxx

Natalie Shoard