1hr – $95

Seichim is a form of vibrational energy healing from the Universal source of loving energy. Its vibration comes from a higher source than Reiki which can be very grounding, the two blend perfectly together.

Seichim, pronounced Sa’y Keem it is an Egyptian word and means living light energy, it is a universal energy associated with an energy system of ancient Egyptian origins that has been rediscovered in recent times and made relevant for today.

Seichim is a living light energy and is said to have a higher vibration than Reiki. The energy itself originates from Divine Source and can bring for and channel all four elements, Earth, Fire, Water and Air. It has the ability to work on all levels simultaneously (spirit, mind, emotions and physical) therefore giving a holistic form of healing and the associated benefits.

Seichim connects with the ‘All Love’ source of energy from which becomes a greater opportunity to begin to increase the love of self and others. Reiki & Seichim energies combine beautifully together.

People who have a stronger connection with themselves tend to be at peace with their being, which in turn gives them mental clarity, emotional stability and physical health and vitality. Wellbeing always begins at the spiritual or higher level and cascades down through the auric layers (subconscious) to the physical (conscious) mind and body.

Benefits may include:

  • More joy
  • Love of living
  • Higher levels of energy and vitality
  • Greater creativity
  • Increased mental clarity and focus
  • Improved relationships
  • Greater sense of connection and purpose