May Magic

Hello and welcome to my May Newsletter. Change is the theme. I’ve felt it for a while, the quite rumblings within that I can’t quite put a finger on, the guidance I am receiving from both Spirit, the cards, from my own Soul. Change is coming.

Where I wonder, how, when, is it welcome? My mind takes over, then ego, then fear, then self-doubt all that stuff that can take us away from what we feel and know to be true, even when you have no literal proof, its just a feeling, you just know it to be true. Then confirmation comes in the external world – yes things are changing. I still don’t know when, where or how but I felt reassured that what my internal guide was telling me is being felt and indeed written about by others. I love this but at my core I wonder when will my own voice be enough, why do we always need validation by others. The answer lies in how well do we know ourselves and therefore trust ourselves – thus the dedication to being still and listening to what our spirit and body are telling us – it’s time to listen listen.

So change? Yep. I’m not an Astrologer but what is happening in May is apparently the Astrological event of 2018. On the same day that the New Moon falls in Taurus on the 15th, Uranus the planet of REVOLUTIONARY CHANGE moves from Aries to Taurus – a double whammy. To put this into context, Uranus moves in a 84 year cycle, staying in each sign 7 years before moving on, so unless you are over 80 then Uranus has never been in Taurus in your lifetime.

The energy of Taurus is finances, material possessions and money. This is the universal energy, you will also have to see where Taurus sits in your own Astrology to see how this shift of energy is going to affect you personally, but regardless of this change is upon us.

So how does this feel? Change. Do you welcome it or does it have you pulling the Doona over your head?

So as I’m waiting for the curtain to raise, I’m focussing on being flexible and open to change however it may come. Know that as change comes we can sometimes feel uncomfortable and not understand or see the blessings, but know that whatever comes you will learn, grow and evolve. So don’t fight, realise when things aren’t working and be willing to let go, the more you can bring yourself into the flow and ‘allow’ the better you will navigate what is ahead.

Stay connected and stay grounded, be in the present moment and be the child that believes in magic. What will be will be and magic does truly happen.

Much love and blessings. I have a number of groups happening in the next month and then I am off to Bali in June, so if you would like to connect – reach out or visit my facebook page under events or look for my daily readings.
Be who you are meant to be.
Love Letitia xxx
Bringer of Light

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