Embracing Change

Change can be scary, especially when there are no guarantees and it’s a decision only you can make. Our conscious mind will become very protective and rational, it can stop us in our tracks and make the possibility of any form of change so insurmountable that we just stay where we are/ continuing doing what we have been doing even when we feel stuck.

Sometimes there is no logical reason for the change, but still we wonder, we dream….this is when our soul, our unconscious is trying to tell us something, remind us of a promise we made to ourselves long ago. This is when we really must go within and be still, listen to our most intuitive self even when the world around us is telling us otherwise.

While we may veer off path once and a while or chose the long way around, there are no wrong decisions. The experiences we have as we make the journey are all invaluable. Remaining stagnant and in the same place will always be your biggest regret, not taking a chance even if it doesn’t work out exactly as you planned. And who knows, what you think you want and the direction you believe you are going in could be completely different to where you end up – but what if that new destination is even better and leads to something  even more wonderful.

Change means we are evolving, that we are willing to take a risk and back ourself, that we are being truly brave and trusting the unknown because we just know that magic will happen. See change as exciting, the opportunity to try something new, meet someone, explore. When my clients are feeling stagnant or stuck or just blah I tell them to do something different, it doesn’t have to be major or life changing, it could be as simple as going a new way to work, trying a new coffee shop or eating something different for breakfast, trying boxing if all you do is gym work. Its about shifting energy and saying to the Universe ‘Hey I’m willing to make and accept change’ . Through just changing one thing amazing things can happen, you might see something that answers a question you have been asking or overhear a conversation or discover a new passion. Its about being open and brave and just allowing energy to keep on flowing.

So keep evolving my friends, be open to change and doing new things, you could end up on the right path after all.

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