August Activations

Welcome to the month of August. We are smack bang in the middle of Eclipse season which started on 13 July with a New Moon Eclipse, followed by the big Full Moon Eclipse last weekend and will end on Saturday 11 August with another New Moon Eclipse.

In addition to our magical Lady Luna we also have the most magical time of year on the 8/8 when the brightest star Sirius (the Spiritual Sun), the Earth’s Sun and the Earth all align. This was, and still is, a sacred time that was greatly anticipated and honoured by the Ancients, particularly in Egypt as the Great Pyramid of Giza is the place on Earth that comes into alignment with the Solar and Spiritual Suns.

The Lions Gate as it is called is a portal, a sacred time when the veils are lifted and we have access to all dimensions. This Eclipse season and the upcoming Lions Gate is a time when we are all being encouraged to be our most beautiful, authentic unique selves and celebrate who that is.

This process can be hard and at times feel overwhelming, you may also feel very alone. Know that you aren’t and if you need help and support reach out, focus on all that is beautiful in your world and what it is that you want. Release lack, fear, anxiety and self ridicule and self-sabotaging behaviour, awareness is empowering and encourages positive choices and actions.

Trust not only in the process but trust in you, no-one knows you as well as you do yourself, just be honest and decide that you, your wellbeing and ultimate happiness is your main focus, make the necessary changes and adjustments, if you need help in doing this then reach out. Feel inspired and powerful in this realisation, bring joy into your everyday and all will be well.

Sometimes its when we feel that nothing is happening or working out that the biggest shifts and healing are occurring.

Keep breathing, keep meditating and keep connected. Know I am here to help you in any way I can, just reach out.

Much love and blessings to you all this month.
Letitia – Bringer of Light

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